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"Coat Check Girl are at it again with their incredibly infectious new single 'Hunter'."

– From The Depths Entertainment

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Astray / Coat Check Girl

In the last six months, LA rock quartet Coat Check Girl has been steadily churning out singles quicker than McDonald’s can sell hamburgers. Today, they’ve released the soaring, minimalistic alt-rock jam “Astray.”

“I personally have always wanted to write a song like this,” says vocalist Andre Rodriguez. The artists LP, Damien Rice, Hozier, and even Taylor Swift, were very influential when we were writing this song. Like all my lyrics, this song is super personal, and honestly I just would like people to interpret it the way they feel like. For me it means something, but I know that for other people that have heard it, means something completely different.“


Starting with a tribal-esque chant, Rodriguez’s voice swoops in like a true leader while subtle percussion and synth begin ramping up the track. The animalistic song howls and swells with lyrics proclaiming “Light me up / Burn all my saints away / Leave me astray.“

After fleeing the country of Venezuela amidst political turmoil, Rodriguez started Coat Check Girl initially as a recording project for his senior thesis. The quartet, who borrow their name from Jayma Mays’ character on How I Met Your Mother, began releasing music in 2014.

- Alternative Press


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